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Her Crazy Rich Vacation Crush

Her Crazy Rich Vacation Crush

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She's there for vacation. He never takes time off; until he meets her.

Camille has saved up to take a nice vacation after her best friend’s destination wedding in Hawaii since she’ll already be on the island. Even though she’ll be alone, she’s planned to make it a memorable trip.When Jordan meets Camille at the wedding, he decides to take the vacation his sister and mother keep insisting he needs, despite his busy schedule.Camille and Jordan hit it off, but they both agree it will just be for fun and to keep each other company while on the tropical island.As the romance heats up between them, will they part ways or will they have the courage to embrace a future together?

Intro into Chapter One

Camille smiled as her best friend, Izzy, adjusted the veil on the crown of her head. Camille took a step forward and reached up to smooth out the lace so it fell softly to her shoulders.
“I’m so happy for you,” Camille said. “Matthew is an amazing guy. You two are perfect for each other.”
Izzy pulled her into a soft hug, careful that neither of them messed up their hair, makeup, or dresses. Camille smiled. She was glad she only had to wear this gown for a short time. Once the wedding was over and they’d celebrated at the reception, the rest of the week would be hers to explore this tropical island paradise. At least she’d be able to walk on the white sandy beach without any crazy heels or sandals.
“Thanks for everything,” Izzy said. “You’ve been the best maid of honor a girl could hope for.”
Camille pulled back and looked into her friend’s eyes. “If Matthew wasn’t so good for you, I’d steal you away and never let you get married and move on without me.”
“Don’t worry,” Izzy said. “You’ll find someone you’ll love just as much as you do me. Even more, actually.”
“Not so sure about that,” Camille said with a wink. “But I’m in no rush, so you go ahead and be the married one. I’ll be the single one, and we can still talk all the time and try to convince the other they’re wrong.”
“Deal,” Izzy said.
The two turned as one to face the door of the bride’s room as they heard footsteps approaching. Izzy’s father poked his head in. “It’s time, darling.”
Camille gave her friend’s arm one last squeeze and left Izzy with her father. Camille would walk down the aisle with one of the groomsmen she’d met last night. As she took her place, she smiled at the guy. He was nice enough, but her eyes kept straying to one of the other groomsmen who was in line with Izzy’s sister. She thought she’d heard his name was Jordan, or something like that. Though he’d arrived late and had hurried through the rehearsal just to know his placing before rushing off again and missing the dinner, Camille hadn’t stopped wondering about him.
Camille knew it was ridiculous to have such a powerful instant attraction to someone she’d never really met, but there was just something so mesmerizing about him. He was tall, topping six feet for sure. In her highest heels she would still be a good half a foot shorter than he was, but she had always had a thing for tall men.
Especially ones who had broad shoulders, a trim waist, and shiny, dark hair.
Camille’s escort offered his arm to her. She slipped her hand onto his forearm and walked with him to get in position. As the music began, the wedding party proceeded down the aisle, lined with beautiful sea shells and tropical flowers. Camille smiled at Matthew who stood at the front, eagerly awaiting his bride.
She was thrilled to see him so happy and when she took her place, she turned to face the back doors of the hotel where Izzy would appear soon.
A happy smile spread across Camille’s face when Izzy stepped out into the soft tropical air. She felt a momentary tinge of jealousy that Izzy had found the man of her dreams and Camille hadn’t. But it was soon swallowed up in her joy for her friend.
The marriage ceremony proceeded smoothly. As the happy couple marched down the aisle together on their way inside the resort to prepare for the wedding dinner and reception, Camille paused for a few minutes to just take in the atmosphere and gather her thoughts. It was the perfect setting to begin a life together. To solidify the love and devotion each had for the other. Camille knew when it was her time, she’d love to pick something just like this– a small, intimate wedding with a few close friends and family in a place that just radiated nature’s beauty.
“Do you mind if I join you?” a deep voice spoke from the side. Camille turned to reply, but at the sight of Jordan next to her, all words were temporarily frozen.
She nodded her acceptance and turned back to look out at the ocean waves that slowly licked against the beach in the distance.
“I’m Jordan,” he said. “I don’t know if we were formally introduced.”
“Camille,” she replied. “I’ve been best friends with Izzy since fourth grade.”
“Nice,” Jordan said. “I’ve known Matthew since freshman year.”
Camille wanted to ask why he hadn’t been able to arrive earlier for the preparations but didn’t think it would be very polite. She was saved from any awkward questions by one of the other groomsmen calling for them to come join the group for some photographs.
Jordan offered his arm and Camille gave him a smile before accepting it. As she placed her hand on his arm, she couldn’t help noticing the difference of his arm underneath the jacket compared to her previous escort. This Jordan was quite the specimen of man.
“Are you ready?” Jordan asked.
“For what?”
“For your speech?”
“Oh,” Camille said. “I guess. It won’t be the most amazing of speeches or anything, but I’m ready.” She looked at him. “Did I hear right that you’ll give the toast?”
“Yes, and he made me promise not to spill any of his secrets.” Jordan gave her a wicked smile, but she was almost certain he was just teasing.
“I’ll bet he’ll be relieved when you’re finished then. Just in case you let something slip.”
“Oh, I’m good at keeping secrets.” Jordan looked back and forth with mock stealth.
“Interesting,” Camille said. “But don’t worry, I won’t be telling you any.”
“Ah, now that’s too bad.”
“Well, what do you expect?” Camille tilted her head to the side as she glanced at him. “We only just met. Why would I tell some practical stranger my secrets?”
Jordan paused and turned to face her. “I do hope that we might become more than just strangers who met at a wedding. Because even if I don’t find out any of your secrets, I would like to know more about you.”
“The night is still young,” Camille said. “Maybe we can talk some more.”
“I’d like that,” Jordan said.
So would I, Camille thought as they were ushered over to the group to pose for the wedding pictures.


Jordan had asked Matthew about Izzy’s maid of honor when he’d returned late last night after having to run take care of some business that just couldn’t wait. From what Matthew had said, Jordan decided then and there he wanted a chance to meet her.
He’d made sure to inform his secretary he wouldn’t be available for the entire day today, and that he’d check in occasionally for the rest of the week, but knowing that Camille would be on the island until the middle of next week gave him extra incentive to ease up on his work. His mother had always told him he’d better find some time to take things easy so he didn’t end up having a massive heart attack and dying at age fifty-six like his father had. If he could spend a few days getting to know someone as lovely as Camille, he’d consider taking more time off.
Of course, he hadn’t been sure of his reception with the lovely young lady when he’d first approached her. After a few moments together, she’d warmed up a little. It would take some finesse, but he was up to the challenge. And this time, he’d keep his wealth and business connections quiet. He’d learned over time that most women who found him interesting actually found his bank account held the most appeal.
Being on the island for a wedding was a good enough excuse to be there. Jordan knew Matthew would respect his wish to fly under the radar and wouldn’t tell anyone about his business. And he was pretty sure no one here really knew him. The big island wasn’t usually visited by the rich and famous, since most preferred Oahu or Maui. He could hopefully keep things under wraps.
When the wedding photos were finished and the group went to the banquet room, Jordan did a quick check to see how the place settings were assigned. He was pleased to see he was located next to Camille. He looked around the room and when he spotted her, he felt the familiar tug of attraction. She was stunning, yet didn’t look overly done. Perfect for a tropical wedding and lovelier than the bride, in his opinion.
Though he’d met movie stars and celebrities galore, he was surprised to feel a touch of uncertainty as he approached Camille.
“If I may,” Jordan said, “I’d love to escort you to your place.”
“Thank you.” She didn’t place her hand on his arm, walking by his side and making polite conversation with the people she passed. When she saw her name card next to his, she looked at him for a moment. “I thought we were on different tables last night.”
“We were,” Jordan agreed. “Perhaps they have us together because of our parts coming up.” Unable to keep the question from coming out he asked. “You don’t mind, do you?”
“Of course not,” Camille said, glancing at him shyly. “I’d love to sit by you.” Her hesitance and innocence was refreshing.
Jordan held out her chair, helped her sit, and then slid into his chair beside her. As the rest of the groups moved to their seating, Jordan spoke.
“Are you going to stay and tour the island after the festivities are all over?”
Camille smiled brightly. “Yes. I took a week off. I don’t have to go home until Thursday night. I’ve got a red eye flight back to the mainland.”
“Look at you, talking like an islander.”
“Oh, I called it the states before and was corrected by the lady at the airport.” Camille chuckled. “She wasn’t too pleased.”
“I’m here for a few days as well,” Jordan lied, suddenly feeling like he just had to have a chance to see her again. “I was wondering if you might be interested in comparing plans. Maybe we could do a few things together.”
“Have you been to Hawaii before?” Camille asked.
“Yes,” Jordan answered, hoping she wouldn’t ask too many detailed questions.
“When Izzy told me she’d be getting married here and was paying for my flights, I knew I was going to have to go see everything I could. I was planning on going to the Thurston Lava Tubes to walk through them tomorrow. And I’ve booked a snorkeling trip for the day after. But I had to give up the helicopter ride over the volcano in order to do the luau and the dolphin encounters. I wanted to do the shark cage experience. But it’s only on Oahu and Maui.”
“You were going to do the shark cage?” Jordan asked, impressed with her fearlessness.
“Yes. I love sharks. It sounds so cool to be up close like that.”
“It does. Too bad it isn’t here. Maybe we could look at the cost of flights. I’ll bet they have some pretty cheap ones since people island hop all the time.”
They talked for a few minutes about their plans. Jordan knew he’d arrange his schedule to coincide with hers as much as possible. Before long, the master of ceremonies officially welcomed all the guests. He congratulated the new couple on their marriage and then offered the microphone to Jordan.
He stood to take it, ready to present what he’d prepared and looking forward to when this part of the night would be over so he could steal Camille away to the dance floor. They could plan where to go first.
He’d be sure to check into helicopter bookings. Even if it came to chartering a private one, he wanted to make sure she could see the volcano from above.

She's there for vacation. He never takes time off; until he meets her.

Main Tropes

  • Vacation Fling
  • Billionaire Romance
  • Opposites Attract
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