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Daimon High 3: Kegan

Daimon High 3: Kegan

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Kegan never thought he’d end up dating a cheerleader, but after enrolling in Daimon High a few months ago, he’s found himself doing a lot of things he never figured he would—like fighting demons and monsters while calling mythical creatures friends.

Not wanting to be the weak link in their little band of supernaturals, Kegan works on improving his control over the elements and perfecting his newly discovered healing powers while still trying to solve the mystery of a girlfriend.

When his girlfriend’s best friend begins to struggle with her vampire abilities and recent heartbreak, Kegan does what he can to ease her pain, but discovers the more he does, the bigger the problems become.
Can Kegan find a way to heal away the pain and sadness overwhelming his friends, or will his actions cause more trouble than he can solve on his own?

Intro into Chapter One

I didn’t know how I had ended up so lucky to be dating one of the cutest cheerleaders at school, but I felt like a million bucks as we walked out of the movie theater. Ginger and I hadn’t been going out long, but things were serious enough I’d heard her call me her boyfriend. I’d only been in town a few months and though I’d usually been one of the geeks that didn’t have a chance with a pretty girl, somehow I’d ended up in the right crowd.
Of course no one really knew that Ginger’s best friend Denise was a Vampire or that I hung out with a werewolf, a shapeshifter, and a witch. Everything they did was cool, but all I could do was manipulate earth, air, water, and fire.
Ginger’s hand fit perfectly into mine as we entered the popcorn scented lobby, pulling me back to the present. She leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Did you like it?” she asked.
“It was all right. Best part was being next to you.”
No way I’d admit I’d actually enjoyed it with the other guys in our group ripping it apart and whining to their dates about how much the girls owed them for coming to see it.
The other girls ahhed and the guys groaned. “Ease up, Kegan. You’re killing us.”
The girls playfully hit their dates. The guys defended themselves by grabbing the girls and hugging them tight. The only ones who didn’t get into the fooling around were Denise and her date for the night. Noah seemed really uncomfortable. Denise hadn’t said a word to him all night besides a few short answers to his questions.
“Who’s up for ice cream?” one of the guys asked.
Everyone agreed and we all moved to our different cars to meet for ice cream. I led Ginger, Denise, and her date back to my dad’s car. I glanced at Denise, wondering if she’d ever smile again. She was so different after Greg’s murder. It had been days since the last vampire showed up, and she’d disposed of him quickly.
I knew it would take her time to adjust. She blamed herself for Greg’s death. No matter what any of us said about it, she still insisted she should have done more to try to save him.
Ginger chatted happily, half-turned around in the car talking to Denise. I peeked at Denise through the
rear-view mirror and was happy to see her looking sort of like herself … at least when it came to her girlfriends. I felt bad for poor Noah, who wouldn’t be seeing Denise again after this. She had sworn off guys completely. I wondered how Ginger had convinced her to come with us tonight.
I pulled into the parking lot of the ice cream place and found a handful of other groups from school congregated around the tables. The room felt alive. I watched Denise from the corner of my eye as Ginger and I got in line to order. Ginger was busy talking to another girl so it gave me time to study Denise. When she played with the silver chain around her neck and took slow, deep breaths, she perked up immediately. Her aura changed slightly, burning a little brighter. I wished I could see the energy flow around her as she absorbed it. She smiled at Noah and the returning smile on his face gave Denise another reason to pull energy. Maybe she wasn’t completely gone. I doubted she’d be willing to give serious dating another try.
Ginger pushed me forward a few steps. I realized I’d been staring at Denise for long enough that a gap appeared between the customers in front of us. Ginger didn’t seem to notice where my eyes had been since she was still chatting up the girl next to her. I studied the flavors of ice cream, trying to get Denise off my mind. I didn’t have to worry about blocking the smells of the guys around us. Denise had gained enough control over her cravings she’d never bite one. And she could pull the life energy from around the room to supply her needs.
We ordered and found a table against a window. Ginger kept jabbering. Since she wasn’t talking to me, I dug into my ice-cream and peeked out the windows. After fighting a demon army over homecoming weekend and then defeating a vampire and his sidekick creature who could reanimate corpses, I was sort of leery of what might be out there in the dark.
I allowed my eyes to go blurry for a moment. My vision sharpened. I could see everything more clearly. The auras around the people in the building amplified and I turned my head so I could look out at the darkened street. The artificial lights still appeared the same brightness, since they weren’t an organic life force. I searched for anything to indicate any unnatural creatures out there.
Everything appeared normal so I released my second sight, wincing at the pressure building behind my eye. It got worse and worse the longer I held it, but if I didn’t go for too long I was usually all right.
I turned my attention back to the people in the room. Denise had perked up enough that Noah in turn seemed to be enjoying himself.
Ginger turned to me. “Can I try a bite of yours?”
I offered her my cup of ice cream and she passed me hers. I wasn’t a fan of that much chocolate, but I took a spoonful anyway.
She took a second spoonful of mine and shook her head. “Yeah, I think mine is better.”
I nodded, not wanting to argue about it but let her have hers back. We talked for a few minutes. Once again, the conversations going on around us sidetracked her, and I checked on Denise again. As if she felt my eyes on her, she turned to me and raised her brows.
I tilted my head to ask how she was doing. She tilted hers as well, as if she didn’t understand my question. I had never figured out how people could communicate just by facial expressions. I wished I could talk to just her. While Ginger had invited Denise to come with us, I knew better than to ignore my date. I mouthed the words, “You okay?”
She nodded and turned her attention back to Noah. I turned my eyes back to the dark outside. Cars passed by on the busy road. I saw a dark shadow move in the bushes. I leaned closer to the window but the shadow was gone. I peered closer, hoping to see any hints of an aura out there, but I could see nothing even with my second sight. It must have just been the movements of the cars.
When everyone had finished their ice-creams, a couple groups wanted to go hang out at one kid’s house. Denise took Ginger to the side to talk for a moment. I tried listening in to the conversation but couldn’t hear much, so I shifted some of the air currents to help carry the sound to my ears.
“I’m not feeling like it,” Denise said. “This has been okay, but so many people keep staring at me. I’m not ready to go to a party.”
Ginger nodded, but I could tell she was disappointed. “Don’t worry, Denise. We’ll take you home. I promise no one would judge you for going out and having fun. Everyone misses Greg. He was a great guy.”
Denise nodded but didn’t say any more. She grabbed her jacket and slipped her arms into it as she walked toward me. I glanced at Ginger, who was saying her goodbyes to the rest of the group, and then at Noah, who spoke to a couple others by the door.
“Are you doing all right?” I asked.
Denise nodded. “This really has been fun. I’m just not ready to go back to the way things were.” She looked at Noah, then back at me.
I opened my mouth to ask more, but she shook her head. “Really, I’m fine. I just need some time to come to terms with it. And I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Please.”
I nodded, and we headed toward the door. Ginger and Noah would catch up. With the group on their way out, we moved with them. Once I stepped out into the cool night, I sniffed the air. It had become habit. Beside me, Denise did the same. With no indication of sulfur in the air I was pretty sure no demons were around, but Morgan hadn’t had a dangerous scent to him.
Denise’s eyes scanned the street in front of us, as if looking for things that shouldn’t be there. The last vampire she ran into seemed to know what she could do. Instead of trying to take her energy, it ran off. When Denise told us at practice the night after how she had tracked the vampire down to destroy her, we all agreed it was the right choice.
I didn’t want to have to search the darkness for creatures. I wanted to go back to being just a teen whose only concerns were how to keep a new girlfriend since I’d never had one before.
Instead, I found out from my former interim principal that I was one of five supernaturals in my school. I had to fight off a demon lord and free my rogue demon principal from the slavery she found herself in. Although it was wicked cool what we could do, it also came with a price.
Sometimes, that meant the death of someone who shouldn’t have been hurt.
I looked at Ginger, still chatting away inside with the group slowly meandering their way out of the building. Would she be in danger by being with me?
I’d have to be extra careful to keep this supernatural side of my life far from her.
I looked back out into the darkness, wondering what other kinds of creatures we’d find ourselves tangling with. Kat had pulled out her books of spells and things. She went over the variety of creatures we might encounter someday. I pulled up Google and did a search for all the supernatural myths and legends, praying I would never run into some of them. Most of what I read seemed completely unreal and most likely embellished by people with active imaginations, but I knew some had truth to them. The succubus standing next to me was proof.
Though she had the potential to become a full vampire, so far she could overcome that desire and just sucked the energy from those around her. Only I was immune to her succubus charms when she turned them on. Given the way Noah perked up when she finally smiled and allowed herself to enjoy the moment, I knew she still had it.
Ginger finally joined me and slipped her hand into mine. She grabbed Denise with her other hand and asked once more, “You sure you don’t want to go to the party?”
Denise shook her head. Noah’s shoulders slumped. Denise reached her hand out and placed it gently on Noah’s arm. “I’m sorry. Don’t feel like you have to miss it on account of me. I think I’ve just overdone it a little. But this has been fun. I’d like to see you again sometime.”
Noah’s attitude changed completely and his hand covered hers where it still rested on his arm. “Not a problem, Denise. I totally understand.”
She smiled at him, and I watched as his aura changed. The color remained the same, but its brightness flickered as if he got a jolt of energy. She pulled it away as soon as it developed. It was amazing to watch Denise at work. With just a few words or simple movements and body language, she could entice a man to build up a surplus of energy, which she feasted on until getting her fill.
Her aura brightened just a little as his dimmed, but not to the point he was in any danger. As long as we stayed close, I was sure I could prevent her from losing control. Noah would be just fine.
We headed to the car and I opened the door for Ginger. Noah opened the back door for Denise on the opposite side. She trailed her hand across his arm, making his aura spike again. Ginger leaned over and kissed my cheek. I couldn’t help the grin that came, knowing my aura had spiked, too. She was very affectionate. I loved it. I wasn’t sure what exactly to do most of the time, although as long as I complimented her and tried to act like a gentleman, the results were awesome.
The chatter in the car was mostly from Ginger, and it made me smile. She didn’t need any encouragement ― she jumped from subject to subject effortlessly. I listened halfheartedly as I drove through town toward her neighborhood. She and Noah lived a couple miles away from my house. Since Denise lived only a few blocks away, we dropped Noah and Ginger off first. I got out of the car and walked her to the door.
Although I felt slightly self-conscious with Denise and Noah in the car, I ignored it as best I could while taking her hands and pulling her close for the good night kiss. I leaned my forehead against hers, bending down a little to reach her face. She grinned up at me. “Thanks for helping me convince Denise. I think she needs to do things like this more.”
I nodded. “No problem.”
“Noah was a good choice, too,” she continued. “I hope they’ll really do something.”
I glanced back at the car where they seemed to be talking to each other instead of watching us. “I hope so.” I turned back to her and squeezed her hand. I didn’t know what to say, whether I had to keep talking or if it was fine to just kiss her. We’d kissed a lot already. I figured it was totally acceptable to just kiss her again, but we didn't usually have an audience.
She kissed me first, after I asked her out the first time. I wasn’t complaining, but I still felt unsure. Ginger solved my dilemma, standing on tip toes and leaning in to kiss me. I sighed in relief that I didn’t have to stress about it anymore and let myself enjoy the kiss. I wanted to let go of her hands and wrap my arms around her to pull her close. Instead, I let my hands remain in her tight hold. She pulled back and took a step to her door.
“See you tomorrow?”
I nodded. “I’ll call you.” Tomorrow was Saturday. The five of us had decided to try out the new place we’d found to practice in since the warehouse we’d been using brought Denise too many bad memories. “I’ve got something I have to do, but I think I can get out of it before too long.”
She waved as she stepped into her house and closed the door as I walked down the steps. I slid into the car to find Denise and Noah talking. At least they hadn’t just been silent the whole time.
As I drove him a couple streets over, I wondered if Noah would try for a kiss or if he’d be smart enough to let Denise set the pace. When I put the car into park, I watched in the rear-view mirror as Denise leaned over, gave him a simple kiss on the cheek, and said thanks.
Noah nodded and got out of the car. He waved once as he moved up his sidewalk. I waited until he’d gone up a couple stairs before driving away.
“Do you want to sit up front?” I asked. It wouldn’t take long to get to our neighborhood, but I didn’t want her to feel like she had to stay back there. She studied me in the mirror for a moment, sighed, and shook her head. “I’m good back here.”
I didn’t know what to say. I was sure she didn’t want to talk about Noah, and talking about practice would remind her of Greg. I doubted she had actually watched much of the movie since she kept her head down through most of it.
When I turned off the main road back into our area, a black streak shot across the road.
“Did you see that?” I asked.
Denise sat up straighter and peered out the front window. “What?”
“I don’t know.” I pointed into the hedges along the sidewalk. “Something small, but it was fast.”
“Slow down,” Denise said. I pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned around in my seat, trying to look back at where dark shape disappeared. She scanned the area as well.
“I don’t feel anything odd,” she said. “Do you see it anywhere?”
I shook my head. The trees were empty. The bushes didn’t move. Most of the leaves had fallen off the shrubbery, but the remaining evergreen bushes provided a good hiding spot.
I opened my other vision to see auras and saw something glowing. It wasn’t a bright aura like what I usually saw around things. It was small, reminding me of the size of a cat or something. As if Denise had the same thought, she asked, “Was it a cat or dog?”
“Might have been.” I put the car into drive and continued down the street.
Denise stayed quiet but when we passed an elementary school with a park near the road, her voice sounded strained. “Stop.”
I pulled the car over again and Denise got out. I jumped out of the car, trying to think of what I could do as a protection if things came to that. She’d probably just suck their energy out, but I didn’t want to conjure any fireballs, not in a neighborhood where we might be seen. I could throw a blast of air at whatever might attack us. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.
Denise approached the swing slowly, her hand held out in front of her. I watched, trying to see what she was doing. I still couldn’t see her powers. I couldn’t see what drew her to this spot. Ten feet from the swing set, she stopped. Her hand dropped. She shook her head and turned to me.
“Sorry.” She moved toward the car. I looked at the swing one more time, confused. I had to jog to catch up.
“What was that?”
“Did you see something?” I asked. “Was there something small and dark out here?”
“No. It’s just…” She shook her head. “Never mind. It’s really nothing.” She wouldn't say more.
I placed my hand on her shoulder and turned her to look at me. “Denise, you can talk to me. I know what happened. You don’t have to keep it hidden.”
Tears filled her eyes as she looked back at the swings. “This is where I met with Morgan. As we passed it, I felt something. Like a presence here. But when I got out, there was nothing. I don’t know what I felt. I can’t sense him. I shouldn’t. He’s dead. And we buried him deep. There’s no way he should be able to return. Right? And Lana. She’s gone, too.”
“Yes, they’re gone.” I had buried them upside down deep in the earth. The rocks we placed on top of them would keep them down. Kat had filled the grave with salt, sprinkled salt around it, and tossed in some garlic cloves for good measure.
“So what did I feel then?” Denise asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s another vampire?”
Denise waved that answer away. “No, they have a different signature. And I can smell them.”
“What do they smell like?”
“Blood.” Her simple word sent a shiver down my spine.
I looked around the playground again, but I didn’t see any indication of auras or life forces besides mine and Denise’s. As I turned back to Denise, another flash of movement caught my eye. A dark shadow climbed the pole of the swing set. I whispered to Denise, hoping to not scare away whatever it was.
“There, on the pole. Do you see it?”
Denise peered into the darkness but shook her head. “I can’t see anything.”
“Do you feel any energy?” I asked. I couldn't see any life force, but I saw the dark shadow moving. It jerked and seemed to hop as it moved across the bars. As it skittered to the other side, I described its movements to Denise.
“I still don’t see anything. It’s a shadow?” she whispered.
“Looks like one.”
She took a few steps forward. I pulled her back, not wanting her to scare it away. It didn’t seem to realize we’d moved so when Denise tried to move again, I let her and followed.
Denise held her hand out in front of her, trying to detect some kind of energy force. Whatever this thing was, I was sure it was alive. It didn’t move like shadows should. No light nearby would have cast a light to create a moving shadow. It moved on its own.
Denise stopped and looked at me. “I felt something, but it’s gone.”
I searched for the creature where it had been a second before and saw only empty space. “Where’d it go?”
Denise shrugged. We went closer to the swing to explore it in more detail. As I passed underneath the bar, I saw a flash of movement. I turned around in time to see the dark shape clinging to Denise’s head.
She screamed in surprise and pain. She reached up, but though I could see where her hands should have been able to grip the attacker, she flailed and missed it as if grabbing at shadows.
Whatever it was had substance. It left scratch marks all over Denise’s face. I threw a blast of air at it, but the creature didn’t seem to feel it. I didn’t dare throw fire, knowing I’d probably hit Denise. She wasn’t paying enough attention to be able to deflect the fire if I did miss.
I grabbed at the air, hoping to freeze the creature in place. Once I wrapped it in an air pocket, I squeezed it tighter. Denise pulled it off her head and stared at her hands.
“What is this thing?” She turned her hands as if studying a ball. “I can barely see it.”
“It’s black like a shadow,” I said. “But shiny now that it’s holding still.”
“It’s not black.” She yanked her hand back, yelping in pain, and dropped the creature. The air I wrapped around it loosened up a little and the creature tried to attack her again. I slapped another band of air around it just before it reached her leg. Denise stepped back. She pulled her phone out of her pocket. Turning her flashlight app on, she bent down.
“I see it.” She peered closer. “Sort of.”
With the light shining right on it, I could see black skin that looked like it was made of onyx, but as the air squeezed around it, I knew the flesh was malleable. The wings were small and torn, probably what gave it the ability to move fast and look so jerky.
“What are you?” she asked.
The creature hissed and spit at her. When the saliva hit her skin, she screeched again and grabbed the creature around the throat. Though I couldn't see it, I was sure she was pulling the life force out of the creature. It stopped struggling and lay limp. Denise yanked her hand away and shook it vigorously. She shuddered and looked like she was going to vomit.
Though the creature didn’t move again, I left the air around it and turned my attention to Denise.
“Are you okay?”
She looked ill and shook her head. “That was nasty. I can’t keep it.” She stumbled forward and lunged over to the slide a few feet away, puking.
A thick black goo like tar dripped out of her mouth and she heaved again. I turned my head, not able to watch anymore since my own gag reflexes were kicking in. She heaved a few more times, then spat repeatedly as if trying to rid her mouth of the taste.
I looked around the park, searching for something to help her. I pulled the moisture out of the air and cupped it in a pocket of air, letting it hover in front of her face. “Drink this.”
She weakly reached both hands out to grasp the water. I focused on holding the air solid around the water so she could maneuver it to her lips. She took a sip, swished it around her mouth, and spat it out. She drank the rest down.
“Thank you,” she said after clearing her throat again. Her voice sounded raw. She rubbed the back of her hand across her lips. “That was horrid.”
“I’ll bet.” I turned to go back to the creature to study it better, but I couldn't see it anywhere. I picked up the phone she’d dropped and shone the light where it had been. I’d released the band of air I’d wrapped around it when I gathered the water for Denise, sure she’d killed the little sucker.
“Where is it?” Denise’s raw voice surprised me when I discovered she was standing right next to me.
“I don’t know. I know it was dead, though. Maybe it’s one of those bodies that disintegrate once the life force is gone.”
Denise nodded and looked back at the place she’d puked. I looked as well, and wasn’t surprised to see it smoking as it evaporated.
“We’ve got to let the others know,” I said.
Denise looked at the swing set for a moment longer. “Call them now.”

Kegan never thought he’d end up dating a cheerleader, but after enrolling in Daimon High a few months ago, he’s found himself doing a lot of things he never figured he would—like fighting demons and monsters while calling mythical creatures friends. Not wanting to be the weak link in their little band of supernaturals, Kegan works on improving his control over the elements and perfecting his newly discovered healing powers while still trying to solve the mystery of a girlfriend.

Main Tropes

  • Elemental Magic
  • Supernatural and Paranormal
  • Love Triangle
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