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Only a Moment

Only a Moment

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Danielle McIntyre is thrilled to spend a week in Twickenham England at a full immersion historical retreat. When she and a friend are pulled back in time by the Fae magic, she just knows it’s a mistake. Though Aunt Nellie, the guardian of the magic, encourages her to have an open mind, Danielle is adamant that she’ll return to her own time and not fall in love with someone like her friend did.
Colin Eldridge has too much to worry about as the new heir to a struggling Eldridge Hall. He endures the balls and festivities at Twickenham Manor in order to glean advice from the wealthy landowners in the area. Danielle is completely wrong in every way and Colin vows to keep his distance from her but finds himself in her company way too often.
Neither of them expects to find something in common, but they can’t deny the growing respect and fondness between them. But how can they ever hope to have a future together when they’re from different centuries?

Intro into Chapter One

Danielle McIntyre had been at the Twickenham Estate in England for close to a week and eagerly looked forward to the full moon ball that was to be held that night. This once in a lifetime trip was coming to an end and Danielle was sad to know that by this time next week, she’d be setting up her office in Georgia working for her daddy at one of his car dealerships.
Her new friend, Melanie Crenshaw, from the states as well, had helped keep her from feeling too foolish for coming on this week long immersion experience. Danielle’s Aunt Shari had come to one of Aunt Nellie’s immersion weekends more than twenty years ago and had raved about the place. When Danielle had wanted to do something fun for herself before she needed to commit to running the new office, Aunt Shari had insisted she head to England and enjoy trying out something new.
Danielle had been worried she wouldn’t fit in at all, until she’d met Melanie. The two had hit it off immediately when they’d first met a week ago. They had learned the dance steps and had teased each other about Aunt Nellie’s assistants and handsome hired actors she employed to help make the immersion week seem even more real. It was easy to pretend that they were in Victorian England with the dresses and the games and the picnics, but the men were definitely still from the twenty-first century. Though they tried to portray the world as it might have been back then, it wasn’t real. There was no chance to fall in love and live the life of a lady or a countess, or a duchess.
Of course, Danielle didn’t need anything of that magnitude. Though her daddy had often called her Princess, she was a hard working young woman and didn’t take nonsense from anyone.
Melanie had told Danielle about all the horrible dates she’d been on lately, that had spurred her to come to Twickenham for the week and Danielle could completely sympathize. Of course, Danielle’s father had hinted often enough that he wanted her to marry the son of his good friend.
She didn’t dislike Harold by any means, but there was no way she wanted to marry him. She wanted to marry for love. Not financial gain. Twickenham was her chance to get away and pretend she could ignore her father’s increasing hints. When she got home, she’d have to tell him that marrying Harold was just something she couldn’t do.
Danielle looked out across the garden toward where the tree line met the wide open space of the fields where they could have gone riding if they’d been interested. Maybe she should have given horseback riding a chance.
“This has been such a wonderful trip. So peaceful and relaxing,” Melanie said. “I’m glad I came.”
“Me too,” Danielle said. “Too bad it will all come to an end in a few days.”
“Don’t remind me.” Melanie sighed. “I know I have to get back home and return to my job, but oh I wish I didn’t have to. This has been so much fun. Although, can you imagine living in a world where all you had to do was look pretty and find a husband that would provide for you for the rest of your life?”
Danielle nodded. “You know, I don’t think I’d really want that. I’m sure it would eventually get incredibly boring. I like being challenged and having a reason to wake up every morning. If it all was only to try to impress a man, that would become a little shallow and soulless after awhile.”
“True,” Melanie said. “I want a man that will respect me for me, and know that I had things I wanted to do in life. But that also worked hard and had the ability to provide for the necessities.”
Danielle nodded. “I don’t think I’d want to marry some snobby rich duke or some pompous aristocrat. I’d rather find someone who worked hard and we could have a happy living. I wouldn’t need the most fancy of things. Being a trophy wife or just arm candy isn’t my thing.”
Melanie giggled. “Though it wouldn’t hurt if we could find a little arm candy ourselves. Some of the men who have been here at Aunt Nellie’s are all right, but there is nothing all that exciting. I hope tonight at the ball, there will be a few new guests that can help me forget I have to return to the real world soon.”
“Amen,” Danielle agreed. “I’m resigned to the idea of going home and working for my daddy, but I feel like there is just something so much bigger out there for me. I just wish I knew what.”
One of the servants who had been helping them dress each day came to the garden where they were walking and invited them to come get ready for the ball.
“I thought it didn’t start until around nine,” Melanie said.
It wasn’t any later than four, since they’d finished their afternoon tea before coming out to the gardens.
“That is correct,” Olivette said. “But we’ll need to get started now. There is much to do to prepare you for the ball. The dresses need to be checked one last time to be sure they fit right, and we’ll need to put the right touches on your hair and makeup.”
Olivette looked at Danielle’s short hair. “Would you be interested in having a longer style for the night? Something to look more from the time period you’ll be participating in?”
“I’d prefer to avoid any wigs or anything like that,” Danielle said. “I can’t stand things on my head much.”
Olivette smiled. “That is fine. How do you feel about a few accessories and jewels in it though?”
“That could be fun.” Danielle smiled and looked at Melanie. Her friend’s eyes sparkled with excitement at the idea, helping Danielle to feel more enthusiastic at all the finery they’d be dressed with.
Danielle looked at Olivette. “I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned.”
Melanie and Danielle turned to follow Olivette back toward the huge manor house.
“Will you be participating in the ball tonight?” Danielle asked.
“Not tonight. I’ve done so on other events, but tonight I will continue to play the role of a staff member.”
“Do you like working here?” Danielle asked.
“Of course,” Olivette replied. “I feel like it’s home. There is no other place I’d rather be.”
“Does Aunt Nellie hold events here all the time?” Melanie asked.
“She’ll have activities a few times a week, and sometimes her guests stay for a whole month. But she only hosts these grand balls once a month. Always on the full moon.”
“That’s so fun,” Danielle said. “And I’d imagine the light from the full moon just makes everything more lovely.”
Olivette smiled and nodded. “That it does. In fact, it almost always feels magical.”
Danielle felt a tingle of excitement wash through her as she looked up at the manor house, now directly in front of them. “Well, let’s go get ready then, shall we?”
“We shall,” Melanie said.
Danielle picked up the edge of her skirt so she could walk faster and not worry about catching the hem on her shoes. She still wasn’t completely used to walking everywhere in a dress, but she was definitely growing to love it. Only a few more days here till she’d have to head home. She would enjoy every second of it.


When Olivette finished placing the final pearl drop in Danielle’s pixie-cut styled hair, Danielle stepped over to the window to look out. Cars and limos had started to arrive, and some guests were going all out and arriving in horse drawn carriages.
The full moon peeked above the hillside and a shiver ran down Danielle’s spine. Tonight would be a wonderful night. She’d always loved the night sky and seeing the beautiful glowing orb made her sure things would really be magical, just like Olivette said.
Danielle pulled on the long gloves that came past her elbows and placed her diamond tennis bracelet her father had given to her on her twenty-first birthday on her wrist, then smoothed the skirt of a light colored gown. She knew it wasn’t exactly to date for the Regency immersion, but it wasn’t quite the larger gowns of the Victorian either. She loved it and wished she could wear fabulous gowns of this kind more often.
Danielle met Melanie outside their rooms and gushed. “Oh wow, Melanie, you are stunning. I think if you really were a lady of Jane Austen’s time, you could definitely wrangle out an offer of marriage by the end of the night.”
Melanie laughed. “No, there will be no engagements happening tonight. Or anytime soon for that matter. But thank you. You look beautiful yourself.”
“Thanks. That Olivette is amazing. I wish I could hire her to be my own personal assistant. She’s got some talent with hair and makeup for sure. I feel like I’m not even wearing any makeup, but I think it looks just right.”
“It’s perfect.” Melanie agreed then tucked her arm into Danielle’s. “Shall we go?”
“We shall,” Danielle said. The hallway had multiple windows facing toward the hillside where the full moon was now completely visible, and Danielle felt that same excitement.
When they neared the grand staircase, Melanie paused and gasped in surprise.
“What was that?” Danielle asked, with growing anticipation. She wanted to find the source of that energy. It felt almost as if it could be tracked down and discovered here inside the house. Tangible almost.
“Just got a massive cold chill that turned warm,” Melanie said. “Did you feel that?”
“A little,” Danielle nodded, not sure if it was the same sensation but it was probably close. “It felt like it came from that way. Do you think there’s an open window?”
Melanie moved toward the doorway that led to the upper floors as if she was being drawn there.
“I don’t think we’re supposed to go up there,” Danielle said, though she really wanted to find whatever it was that gave off that feeling.
Danielle followed Melanie up the curving stairs, the small simulated gas lamps gave off plenty of light to find their way.
As Melanie pushed the door open and searched for a light switch, Danielle stepped inside the room. There were dozens of portraits either hanging on the walls, placed on easels, or propped against the wall as if their final location hadn’t been determined yet.
Danielle walked down one side studying the pictures. An iridescent light radiated from one of the paintings. She moved closer and put her hand over her mouth.
“Impossible,” she whispered.
“Danielle!” Melanie’s voice called from the other side of the room. “You’ve got to see this.”
“Just a minute,” Danielle said, not able to look away from the portrait. “There’s something here I’m trying to wrap my head around.”
“Is it a painting of you?” Melanie asked.
Danielle stood straight and turned around. “How did you know?”
“There’s one of me right here.”
“No way,” Danielle said.
“Are you alone, or with someone?” Melanie asked.
“Alone. What about yours?” Her hair looked different in the painting. Longer, but it was definitely her.
“There’s a man, but I can’t see his face,” Melanie said.
“What does this mean?” Danielle asked.
“I don’t know.” Melanie shook her head, then lifted her hand and pointed behind where Danielle stood. “Look out!”
A bright light reached out and wrapped Danielle in the same sensation she’d felt dozens of times while at Twickenham Manor. She wasn’t sure if she should pull away from it, or go to it willingly.
The look of fear on Melanie’s face made Danielle try to move away, but she was held fast. She felt herself falling backward and as she tried to call out to Melanie, her friend turned around and fell face first into the painting near her, then disappeared in an instant.
Danielle hit the floor hard and let out a grunt of pain. The light that had surrounded her was now gone, but she felt tingly all over, almost as if her entire body had fallen asleep and was waking up to the horrid pinpricks that usually only happened to her feet or hands.
Danielle’s head hurt and she felt sick to her stomach. She looked around the room, hoping to see Melanie, but there was no one besides her. And though she wasn’t sure if she could actually believe her own eyes, the paintings in the room were different than before. Not as many and none of them were propped on the floor.
Danielle turned around in a complete circle trying to make sense of what she saw. She looked up at the ceiling, but the crystal chandelier that had been there before was gone. Of course, currently it wasn’t needed. The sunlight through the windows lit the room enough.
Danielle rushed to the window and looked out, then covered her hand over her mouth again. The entire front entryway was completely different. The driveway that had been full of cars and carriages and people was now mostly empty. And it was no longer paved. Instead, it looked as if it was packed dirt and gravel.
A woman standing near the center of the front entryway of the huge manor house looked up at the window.
Aunt Nellie. Only Danielle wasn’t entirely sure it really was her.
Danielle brought her hand to her brow. When she had fallen back, she was certain she hadn’t hit her head. But what on earth was happening?
Danielle turned from the window and looked to the door she’d entered with Melanie moments ago. Someone had to have answers. She reached for the door’s handle and fumbled as she tried to open it.
“Calm down, Danielle,” she whispered to herself and spread her fingers out to ease the tension that was building inside her. “You can figure this out.”
As she stretched her hand to the door and tried the handle again, it moved easier and she opened the door. The hallway was not nearly as bright as before and she looked at the light fixtures along the wall. They didn’t look the same. No light bulbs, and if she wasn’t mistaken, she would have thought they were gas lamps with the glass chimney to protect the flame.
As she stared at the lamps, trying to make sense of what she was seeing, a servant approached her from down the hall. Danielle turned to ask for help and recognized the woman who had helped her only a quarter of an hour ago.
“Olivette,” Danielle said, but as the staff member got closer, Danielle blinked quickly to try to clear her vision. The woman looked different. “Wait, are you Olivette?” Danielle asked.
“Yes miss, close enough,” Olivette replied. “Have you just come from the portrait room?”
Danielle glanced behind her, knowing she shouldn’t have been in there, but Olivette didn’t seem upset, just curious. Danielle nodded.
“Come with me then, I have a tea that Aunt Nellie will want you to take before we join the rest of the house for the ball. That is if you’re feeling up to participating.”
“But wait,” Danielle said. “My friend. Melanie. She was with me just a minute ago. Now she’s gone. I saw this weird light and had this awful stinging sensation and headache.” Danielle paused. How could that kind of headache just disappear? “Where is Melanie? She fell and then was gone.”
Olivette held out her hand. “I’ll look for her, miss. I’m sure we’ll have some answers for you soon. Tell me your name, if you will.”
“It’s Danielle, and you’ve been helping me all week. You should know that.”
“Of course, Danielle,” Olivette said with a hint of condescension. “It must have slipped my mind in the busyness of the day. Come. Let’s get you that tea.”
Olivette placed her hand on Danielle’s arm and Danielle felt calmer. The worry over Melanie simply disappeared and Danielle walked side-by-side with Olivette to a room just off from where all the portraits were stored.
When she sat down, and Olivette released her arm, Danielle felt the growing sense of unease return. Then soon, Olivette placed a tea cup into her hands and encouraged her to drink up.
“You just take your ease here for a moment. I’ll go find Aunt Nellie and let her know you’ve arrived.”
“Arrived?” Danielle asked after a few moments, just as Olivette was about to disappear out of the door.
“Drink up,” Olivette said, motioning at the cup, and Danielle did as she was instructed and sipped the tea. The warming sensation traveled from her mouth all the way through her body and Danielle was sure everything would be just fine.
Aunt Nellie appeared in the room sooner than Danielle expected. The hostess’s dress was a completely different style than what she’d been wearing earlier that day.
“Hello, Danielle. It is good to see you’ve arrived safely. Melanie will be pleased to know you’re finally here.”
“That’s good,” Danielle said, taking another sip. “Wait, what? Melanie is here?”
“Yes,” Aunt Nellie said. “She’s been here for some time and is always asking after you. I’ll let her know you’ve made it and I’m sure the two of you will have a lot to catch up on.”
“But she’s only just gone missing,” Danielle said. She looked down at her cup of tea and though she should have felt horrified that she may just have been drugged, she only felt peaceful and calm. Yet she was still not sure of what was happening.
“I suppose I should explain a little more,” Aunt Nellie said. “You see my dear, you have just traveled through time. More than one hundred-fifty years. We are in eighteen hundred and fifty-five.”
Danielle shook her head. “Impossible.”
Aunt Nellie smiled. “Nothing is impossible. Especially when you’re at Twickenham Manor. This magnificent structure has been built over ley lines, and my kind and I have been guardians over this rift for countless centuries. Since the very beginning actually.”
“Your kind?” Danielle asked.
“Yes, dear. Faeries. Or Fae, depends on what you prefer. Your friend Melanie arrived here in eighteen hundred fifty-one. She has met a marvelous man and has decided to stay. And though that is not always the case, you may find yourself enamored by someone and decide to stay as well. Or you could return to your own time at the next full moon when the magic is ripe and ready to send you back again.”
Aunt Nellie picked up the teapot and poured more of the golden liquid into Danielle’s cup. She held up a spoon of sugar and raised a questioning brow. Danielle nodded and Aunt Nellie tilted the spoon into the cup and handed Danielle the drink again.
“Now, the most pressing question is, do you feel up to attending the ball tonight? It’s only a few hours until my guests begin to arrive. You are welcome to participate, or you could stay in your room and wait until tomorrow to begin interacting with my other guests.”
Danielle looked into the tea cup. She’d never felt more relaxed or content in her recent memory.
“I think I’d like to attend the ball.”
Aunt Nellie clapped her hands together. “Splendid. I will send Olivia to assist you. I believe you worked with her before?”
Danielle nodded. “Well, Olivette.”
“Same person,” Aunt Nellie said. “She’ll explain more later. Now, don’t worry about a thing. Just allow yourself to enjoy your visit. We’ll come up with a bit of a background for you. Tell me, are you open to an adventure, and perhaps a little play acting?”
Danielle studied the woman and shrugged as she shook her head. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Aunt Nellie chuckled and moved to put her arm around Danielle. “Let me tell you a little bit about what to expect. Then you can decide if you want to be an heiress, or just have a sizable dowry.”

She thought being pulled back in time was an accident. He thought marriage was out of the question. Neither expected to find true love.

Main Tropes

  • Time Travel
  • Opposites Attract
  • Wealthy Man
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