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The Widower's Bride

The Widower's Bride

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Grace has loved caring for her brother's children, but when her brother remarries, Grace knows it's time to move on. With the invitation from a good friend to move out west and start a new life there, Grace knows it might be the only chance she would have to find a place where she'd fit in. She won't let her childhood injury keep her from fighting for what she wants, a home of her own.

Jed is a widowed father of three young children with a growing farm and he knows he can't take care of it all on his own. When he meets Grace, he's reluctant to follow through with the suggestion from a friend to marry the girl. But if he doesn't do something, he'll either lose his farm or his children.

When the two marry, they know it will be mutually beneficial, but when tragedy strikes, can the two of them pull together as a team and see that there is more to life than just survival?

Intro into Chapter One

Grace comes to Birch Creek for a new start, Jed isn't sure he's ready to let go of the past.

Main Tropes

  • Marriage of Convenience
  • Mail Order Bride
  • Second Chance at Love
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